Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Toronto, Scarborough, Ajax, Markham, Pickering

Here at First Choice Appliances we understand and can aid you with the unique needs of your Sub-Zero refrigerator. Our friendly, skilled technicians have much experience repairing Sub-Zero fridges. They will ensure that your fridge is fixed efficiently and properly so you need not worry about spoiled food.

Sub-Zero Repair

Below are listed several common problems that you may be experiencing with your Sub-Zero refrigerator:

  • Sub-Zero fridge is not cooling
  • Sub-Zero has ice build-up
  • Freezer is defrosting
  • Sub-Zero fridge is making questionable noises
  • LCD display blinking
  • Icemaker/water dispenser not working
  • You cannot hear the compressor working
  • You cannot hear the fan working
  • Sub-Zero fridge seal is broken
  • Sub-Zero fridge or freezer is leaking water
  • Sub-Zero has a burning smell
  • Sub-Zero fridge is making a clicking sound
  • Sub-Zero fridge is too cold or too hot
  • Sub-Zero fridge is not working