MicrowaveAlmost every home has a microwave used to cook and heat meals. It performs using the radiation known as microwaves.Though these appliances have a long life, faults can arise anytime. Having a faulty microwave can be disappointing and may force you to eat cold meals. If you want your oven to function well for years to come, get it maintained by the professionals.

Some common reasons behind an oven/ microwave failure are:

  • Faulty Door Switch
    Most of the times, it is the door switch that stops working, and we think that some internal element might have failed. If your oven is not getting started, the first thing to check is the door switch. If the door is not completely closed, the switch will not work at all.
  • Diode Burn-Out
    A diode converts the incoming power into the desired voltage needed to run a microwave. If the voltage is low, the diode comes into play. It works to increase the voltage to ensure the proper functioning of the appliance. If the diode fails, your oven will not start.
  • Fuse Failure
    Fuse is an inbuilt microwave element that prevents overheating of the appliance. In some old model ovens, a thermo-protector is used to serve the purpose. If your appliance is not running, most possibly, its fuse might have blown away. To deal with the problem, a new fuse is installed.
  • Magnetron Failure
    The radiations exhibited in the microwave are emitted via the magnetron tube. Since it cannot be repaired, the only option you are left with when it becomes faulty is to get it replaced. This can only be done by an appliance repair technician.

So, these are a few reasons behind a faulty microwave. If you want to get any of your appliance repaired or maintained professionally, rely on our professionals at First Choice Appliances.